About Prices, Freights, Fees, and Taxes.

All prices marked on the pages of include the price of the resin kit itself, the freight and the fee for Paypal.

1.Freight:All products are shipped by airmail from Taiwan. To make it simple, no matter in which region you are, the freight will be charged uniformly in the case of shipping to the USA. With different sizes of the products, the freight will be USD$ 20~120.

2.Fee for Paypal:We accept only Paypal for the payment, fee for Paypal is about 4.5% of the product price, and it's already included in the product prices we mark on the pages.

3.Tax:Due to the differences of the trade agreement and tax system in different countries,  it's difficult to claim that how much tax you should pay, so tax is uniformly excluded. Extra Cover Service is not available.

If further information is required, please email to Thank you.

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