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Silent Hill -1/6 Red Pyramid Thing

  Sculpted by: Headlong Painted by: 矢竹剛教(not sure) Red Pyramid Thing (RPT) is one of the most classic creatures in the Silent Hill series. It can be seen in Silent Hill 2 and 3, also in the movie!  Though the kit was made by "resin", the rusty head looked so realistic like the real metal. (Gosh,…
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Silent Hill – 1/6 Bubblehead Nurse

  I wish I could know more about this kit.... The paintwork made this kit disturbingly awesome...look at those blood stains! Hope she won't become alive after midnight. Painted by ~bluudy Please click here to view more(16 photos) Source: Deviantart
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Silent Hill 2 – 1/6 Red pyramid thing Mannequin Ver.

  Manufacturer: Gecco Sculpted by: Shinya Akao(赤尾慎也)/HEADLONG Painted by: Yoshinori Yatake(矢竹剛教)/ACCEL , 土肥典文/腐乱犬(painted the Mannequin) Release date: 2013/07 The Red pyramid thing got scarier this year! Holding a huge knife in one hand, a mannequin in other hand, and the tone is much paler than before. I must say that it's the creepiest cool figure I saw recently.…
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Silent Hill 3 – 1/6 Heather Resin Figure

  Painted by: sosilent Heather is the main character in Silent Hill 3, who doesn't love a female leading role? :P The painter did a great job on this kit. the work he'd done made this kit a lot cooler. Source: silent hill forum
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