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Predator Kits – Predator on Horse

Sculpted by: 竹谷隆之 This is one of the most classic garage kits in the Predator genre, everything was just awesome in this kit. The statue version was published later. To get clearer pictures, the following pics are from Sideshow, prepainted ver. (or you can check here, they got some great photos) Source: Sideshow, Action Figure Archive  
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Predator Kits – Bug Hunt

  Sculpted by: ??? This kit is painted by the professional Joe Dunaway. Actually he has painted lots of other stuff, you can find his excellent works at his portfolio. Source: Modelzone
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Predator Kits – Female Predator (unfinished)

  I wish I can tell you more about these kits.. Check out these female predators! They might be warriors which as strong as the male ones, you don't want to mess with them. :P Source: you know the original source, please let us know)
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