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PKking Intro

江家慶, a talented Resin kit sculptor, who won the championship of HOBBY JAPAN sculptor campaign, is also well-known as “PKking” in the resin kit sculptor circle of Taiwan, fell in love with sketch and sculpture when he was a child, and start to create his original design of resin kits and the stories about ancient myth with his friends since senior high.

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PKking Creations

The Balance of the Nine Skies – The Beast of the North Dragon turtle
The Balance of the Nine Skies – Baphomet & Lilith
The Balance of the Nine Skies – Lilith bust
The Balance of the Nine Skies – The Beast of the North Dragon turtle Bust
The Balance of the Nine Skies – The Beast of the East-Azure Dragon Bust
Resin Kit – The Beast of the south-Vermilion Phoenix
Resin Kit – White Tiger
Resin Kit – Liji-&-Xiaowei
Resin Kit – Monster-Barretta-Bust
Resin Kit – Dark-Elf-Queen
Resin Kit – Unicorn-&-ELF
Resin Kit – Monster-Barretta-Bust

Classical Models

  • alien-models


    Sculpted by: タスケンジャック(Tasken Jack) Face Hugger, the last thing we want to stay on our face... Since it's a new kit,...

  • predator-models


    Sculpted by: 竹谷隆之 This is one of the most classic garage kits in the Predator genre, everything was just awesome in...

  • silent-hill-models


      Sculpted by: Headlong Painted by: 矢竹剛教(not sure) Red Pyramid Thing (RPT) is one of the most classic creatures in the...

  • monster-hunter-models


    アシラ装備 狩猟笛 / 『モンスターハンター3』 Sculpted by: MASACHI (政一) Release date: ??? Painter: 翔馬(not sure)??? If my memory didn't wrong me,...

  • femail-resin-model-kits


    From Vampire, the legend began in the middle age and until now it’s said that there’re still vampires living...

  • fantasy-miniature


    After a Miniature dragon in the middle age, let’s see some fantasy dragon that appears in legendary tales – Beelphegor...

  • other-garage-kits


    From RUNES.HK “Monkey King, also known as the Sun-Wukong, is a main character in the classical Chinese epic novel Journey...

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