The Balance of THE NINE SKIES - PKking original created story

In the ancient time, the mainland world was a habitat of gods, goblins and human beings, gods and goblins have their particular powers so the human beings have to make a deal with goblins to gain the supernatural forces against gods and other goblins.


In the world of NINE SKIES, everything is composed by nine elements: gold, wood, water, flame, earth, sunshine, moonlight, brightness and darkness, the world is balanced by the interaction of these nine elements, and gods, goblins and human beings have a long peace for thousand years.


Somehow one of the nine elements was missing, and the balance of NINE SKIES has been broken, the world is no longer quiet and mild, it started to get involved in controversy and wars between gods, goblins and human beings.


To rebuild the disciplines and the balance of the world, gods plan to destroy all creatures, and to survive from it, human beings and goblins form an alliance by making a deal to share the overwhelming power of goblins and the intelligence of human beings, therefore they can fight against gods.