Works of PKKING are quite different from other sculptor's works which are about famous cartoons or comics characters, his kits is related to Oriental myths, telling about the story of the ancient world that how Gods, human beings, goblins and monsters interact, cooperate and even fight for their lives or rights and interests. And the world is balanced through the interaction of nine elements. (which are called The Nine Skies in PKKING's works.)



(PKKING is working on designing and making hand scripts of his kits.)


pkking painting the kit parts

(Making a prototype of his designs by barely hands and simple tools.)


pkking making the resin kit

(Painting on the prototype attentively and patiently.)


the resin kit is almost done

(Painting process is almost done, now there're plentiful colors on the prototype.)


making the base part of the resin fit

(Making a groundwork for the character to stand on.)



a sculptor sharing from Brazil

mail from Brazil

(PKKING also communicate with other resin kit sculptors in other countries, like Brazilian sculptor and his works in the picture.)


another sharing from Korea

sharing from Korea

(Others like Korean sculptor and his works.)


Now you can buy his original hand made resin kits in