Garage Kit Sites

Looking for information of new released  resin kits or want to join discussions of other resin kit lovers?

Here is the right place to check out what you want about resin kits, you can find out info about the sculptor you like, the coming new kits and forums that contain lots of resources for buying, building or even reforming the resin kits you like.

Enjoy these resources and let us know if there's any necessary improvement.



Site links for hobbyist:

A blog dedicated to the GK creations of Seraph Phoenix:

A site devoted to the less common genre in the modeling world: figures and mecha:

To share the experience in doing model kits:

All about Gundam model works and life:

Anna's drawing creations and GK works:

Leona's workshop dedicated to her work in hobby kit building:

ILARIA's anime and GK modeling blog:

A magic world about Japanese anime and GK works from Nekoyashiki Koyomi:

About female characters GK models and skills on making them:

Vhayste's anime GK and figures collections:

A world for Kamas modelkits and miniaturen:

Man & Wife - we working together - Michael & Tatyana:

Collections and gallery of anime figures and resin kits from Jenny:

Anime character works and non anime resin kits:

Paper model works and resin kits model:

About the science fiction works:

Great sculpting works about the comics from Frank Frazetta:

Includes ancients, historical and fantasy and science fiction models:

Gundam plastic and resin kits models display:

Kits from Mangozac and other Resin Addict Collaborators:

Resin kits from the DreamForge Games:

Female resin kits collections from animations:

Resin kit works made by Mr.Dandy:



Resin kit sales sites:

Plenty of garage kits originated from animates and comics.

Pre-Order & Sell Garage kits Model, resin kit, Import from HongKong.



Resin kit sculptor websites:

_d_i_s_k_ v_i_s_i_o_n_



Forums for Toys, Figures and Garage kits:

RPF, about science fiction figures and garage kits:

Toyark, about toys and figures originated from animates:

Planetfigure, about miniatures used in the war scenes:

Dakka Dakka, about wargaming figures and resin kits:

Statueforum, about statue figures originated from animates:

The galaxy cauldron, about the Sailor Moon animation:

Anime-planet, about the figures and resin kits originated from animates:

SGCOLLECT, about all kind of toys and figures you can imagine:

CBR, about American style comics and figures:

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