[Resin Kit]:The difference between buy now and pre-order.

Some of our customers confused about the reason why we deliver the products late, there are two main reasons :

1.All of our resin kits are produced in a very small scale. The inventory is not sufficient all the time. When we sold out a particular resin kit, it takes time to wait for enough orders for the next production process, and the production process itself takes about 6~8 weeks. That's the main reason why we deliver the products late. However we usually provide 10% price discount as a premium for those who would like to wait. And the rarity of these resin kits also makes our custom artworks unique and amazing.

2.Our company is located in Taiwan and most of our customers are in U.S., German and other countries far away from here. which means we have to deliver the products via Air Mail or EMS. In most of the cases, delivering to global main cities takes about 10~20 days for Air Mail and 4~8 days for EMS. And for better efficiency, we choose EMS for all delivering.

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