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interpretation of applying for the refund

All works were made by PKking himself and in a limited quantity, and the least quantity for production will be 10 orders. We provide a 10% discount for the pre-order premium; meanwhile, we insure that you have the right to cancel your order and get the refund ONLY before the production begins. Regulations for applying…
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About Prices, Freights, Fees, and Taxes.

All prices marked on the pages of include the price of the resin kit itself, the freight and the fee for Paypal. 1.Freight:All products are shipped by airmail from Taiwan. To make it simple, no matter in which region you are, the freight will be charged uniformly in the case of shipping to the…
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[Resin Kit]:The difference between buy now and pre-order.

Some of our customers confused about the reason why we deliver the products late, there are two main reasons : 1.All of our resin kits are produced in a very small scale. The inventory is not sufficient all the time. When we sold out a particular resin kit, it takes time to wait for enough orders…
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Shipping in EMS

Notifications for shipping in EMS: All works were made by PKking himself and in a high level quality and a limited quantity, unlike PVC models made in a mass production. So please, be patient and wait for the order PKking made for you, good works are always worth waiting for. An estimated date of your…
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