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Silent Hill -1/6 Red Pyramid Thing

  Sculpted by: Headlong Painted by: 矢竹剛教(not sure) Red Pyramid Thing (RPT) is one of the most classic creatures in the Silent Hill series. It can be seen in Silent Hill 2 and 3, also in the movie!  Though the kit was made by "resin", the rusty head looked so realistic like the real metal. (Gosh,…
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Predator Kits – Predator on Horse

Sculpted by: 竹谷隆之 This is one of the most classic garage kits in the Predator genre, everything was just awesome in this kit. The statue version was published later. To get clearer pictures, the following pics are from Sideshow, prepainted ver. (or you can check here, they got some great photos) Source: Sideshow, Action Figure Archive  
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Diablo Polystone Statue by Sideshow Collectibles

From PC Gamer Diablo, a name that all the online gamers should know, which might be one of the most famous RPG games ever produced by the Blizzard Entertainment. The boss named Diablo appears in Diablo III has his statue now! Art design of Diablo From Superpower wiki (more…)
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Mars Attacks – MARTIAN Aliens

From The Telegraph Aliens from Mars, what a familiar topic to all the science fiction fans, isn't it? As I was a child, I wished humankind is not the only high intelligence creature in the universe, it's too boring and lonely. I dreamed to take a trip to other planets and visit alien species, and…
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