Mars Attacks – MARTIAN Aliens

From The Telegraph

Aliens from Mars, what a familiar topic to all the science fiction fans, isn't it?
As I was a child, I wished humankind is not the only high intelligence creature in the universe, it's too boring and lonely. I dreamed to take a trip to other planets and visit alien species, and eventually we can become something like the United Federation of Planets in the movie Star Trek.

From Mcsearcher

But most of the time, earth is an attack target of the aliens coming from other planets. Frankly it is really a tragedy, we're afraid of being conquered by aliens with high technology, which also means we may do what we thought it should be to the aliens who has a lower development compared to us, that is what Avatar talking about.

From Wiki Media

Anyway, we wish the first contact between we and the aliens could be the first step of a peace journey, as what I believe in mind: War brings destroy, and peace makes prosperity!

Back to the topic of Mars Attacks, it's a movie produced in 1996, directed by Tim Burton and written by Jonathan Gems. In this movie human are just like ants killed by laser beam and have no ability to fight back effectively, in the end a young man went to rescue his grandmom and accidentally found the way to kill these invaders - play a song named "The Indian love call" all the way to make their brain explode!

From DBcovers
(What a huge brain...... and it's their feature.)

From Quarantine Studio

This is the soldier version statue, and it's much more realistic than it was in the movie, in the movie the Martians look like comic characters, but the details of the statue make it more terrific and scaring.

by the way, this statue is a limited edition and already prepainted, so you'd better be hurry or miss it.

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