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To the novices of building/painting kits, maybe you know what to buy and where to buy the stuff you need, but what if you meet more problems? Ask the experts might be the fastest way, so dig in the following contents! These sites and forums may be able to help you.
(ps. Please notice that the number of the members is not that accurate, they might differ due to the different policy of every forum. )




Members: more than 80,000

Feature: The discussions in this forum are mostly about movie, including replica props, cosplay costumes and general modeling. It’s a great place for both movie lovers and model builders.

the RPF-v



Members: almost 80,000,(5,784 people were online when I checked, and most of them were unregistered)

Feature: This is actually a fully functional website about miniature-wargaming. The forum contains a wide variety of discussions, and most importantly many tutorials on painting and modeling, which is in fact useful to anyone who wants to paint their work better.



Resin Illminati

Members: about 6,700

Feature: As the forum’s name, all the discussions are mainly about resin kits, especially the sci-fi and fantasy ones. The registration is different from most forums, so make sure you’ve read the first thread in the forum!

Resin Illuminati - Powered by vBulletin_v



Starship Modeler Discussion Forums

Member: about 13,400

Feature: This forum is for sci-fi lovers! But actually people can discuss more than science fiction, any topic as long as they are about building models/kits, are welcomed here. (There’s a section for movies and other media also.)




Members: about 360,000

Feature: It’s an forum about all sorts of art, but who knows? You may find some of the stuff useful. Follow this route ( ARTWORK->3D, SCULPTURE & TOYS) and you can find the small section of resin kits.



Statue Forum

Members: 65,000

Feature: Superheroes are the main subject of this forum. It’s a place for everyone including sculptors, painters, even collectors. Therefore, you can discuss both unfinished kits and pre-paint statues.



The Clubhouse

Members: about 2,700

Feature: It’s an online community for builders, sculptors, and collectors. Some say that they have very strong policy against recasting(it's the right thing to do), so please obey the rules! Here you can discuss things about monster kits, figure kits, etc.



Cult TV man Fantastic Model Forum

Members: about 1,500

Feature: Another sci-fi forum! And of course a model forum! It’s from the, the topic also includes fantasies, monsters, figures and others.



Gundam Philippine

Feature: The forum of this Gundam website doesn’t have much to do with kits, but I found that they do have reviews of gundam resin kits, also some tips and tutorials. Check it out if you are fan of gundam!



And…that’s about it. I’ll be glad if this post helps you in any way.
If you discover mistakes in the article, please let us know; and if you know other great forums/sites, feel free to share!

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