Making of Sturgeon King (Final)

Here’s a buyer’s blog which contains the process of his works including building and painting of PKking’s product “Dark fox”,

if you’re considering buy one resin kit from us and try to finish it yourself, the process recorded in this blog will be good reference resources.

It’s a month later now, early June, and I have finally finished the Sturgeon King model! I started this work in October of last year so this model has been nine months in the making. Can you believe it? I think PKKing painted his in two full weeks. But, the results must be satisfactory. This work just won the Gold medal in the Creatures and Alien category of the 2012 Western Canadian Regional Model Contest.

So, here are my final WIP photos. My last post showed that I was starting work on the human figure. The following pictures show some finishing results.

Sturgeon King 001

Sturgeon King 002

What follows are three different views of the human girl’s face and head.

Sturgeon King 003

Sturgeon King 004

Sturgeon King 005

And here she is in full relief.

Sturgeon King 006

Sturgeon King 007

The next task was to finish the elf face.  This was a little different as her eyes are not open and she needed some eyelashes. These were made from the bristles of a paintbrush.  They were individually picked up with tweezers and stuck to the eye, and trimmed to length with scissors...... to see more, please surf the article source below.

Sturgeon King (Beginning)
Sturgeon King (Base Construction)
Sturgeon King (Serpent 1)
Sturgeon King (Seat)
Sturgeon King (Elf)
Sturgeon King (Final)

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