Hell Resin’s 1:3 Scale Predator Bust

Now there’s a review of the amazing masterpiece called Predator, which is a really famous and classic character in the movie and has a swarm of fans for many years.

As you know, Predator is a born Aliens killer and has a talent for wrestle, his features are his terrifying month with sharp teeth and the hair-like dreads on his head, and these are the best parts of the bust.

This 1:3 scale kit was from Hell Resin's and it’s a bust not the complete version of the Predator, but there’re more details and even more exquisite than the complete one, let’s see how it works.

The author has mentioned that the details like dreads and bones were designed to insert into the numbered body pieces with holes predrilled, and that was awesome for the modeler not to mix them and pick the wrong kit for the wrong place.

Also the armor and cannon on the shoulder are excellent, due to a bigger scale in 1:3, the armor seems more powerful and hard to knock out, so the cannon is totally not a toy as well.

Weight for 5~6 pounds, not include the wood base which was an additional accessory plus by the modeler, no doubt it’s a huge work of art and a must-buy resin kit for the Predator or even Aliens lover.


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