Granox – Lava Monster

From Deviant Art
Monsters with great power and fierce appearance let all the boys get crazy and yelling. The new film "Pacific Rim" is beloved of all the young and elder boys or men who have a kid lived in their mind.

Yet we're not going to share a monster coming from Pacific Rim, but from some where nearby the volcano. Actually I think this creature is more like the one coming out from the crevices of the rim, it's name is Granox - Lava Monster.

From Annex Labs

"A premium high quality full figure statute, standing 11" inches tall with base.
Sculpted by Artist Furio Tedeschi and base/stand by Artist Ehren Bienert.
And it's an exclusive limited edition of 40 statues and will be accompanied by a hand signed certificate by Furio Tedeschi.
Granox is cast out of Resin and will be available in four colorway variants (Orange, Green, Blue and Gray) and Painted."
From Annex Labs

Let's see the orange version portfolio which is more like a lava monster:

From Furio Tedeschi

The most impressive part is his face, definitely a terrible and angry monster you can imagine how worse it would be if this Granox is a living creature in the world......he'll be the kick-ass and show no mercy to his enemy!
And the lava covered on his body as an armor is also an unique design, the only monster I've ever seen which is similar to it is the one in the movie "Wrath of the titans":

From Wiki Pedia

And the official original blank kits are like these:

From Annex Labs

You can even more clearly see the details on the white cast, it's amazing and fantastic! Get it as your new collection now!

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