Evangelion Rei Reflect Garage kit review

As the most famous and well-known female character in the animate Evangelion, Rei is a human cloning, but has her own emotion and sensibility, so you can see lots of interactions between her and the fellows in the animate, and this is a review of Evangelion Rei Reflect Garage kit which Rei is in a battle suit.

In the video you can see some details of the reflect one, and also some drawbacks of it, for example there’re too much bubbles on it, and some details weren’t copied successfully to the reflect version. The way to solve them will be pay more time to work on it, like reshape the face, the body or the patterns on her battle suit, or even worse, you have to cut the whole kits into pieces and rebuild them in the correct ratio if it’s necessary.

Even though it’s a reflect version, there’s still some reasons for the buyers to try one, it’s cheaper, easier to get and…………let you have more room to “show-off” your excellent skills on building and painting it.

If your budget is limited or you don’t appreciate this fabulous kit that much, just buy the cheaper one for a taste; otherwise, I strongly recommend you not to challenge the limit of your patience, and spend your money on the worthy ones. After all, There is no doubt that the original version has the best quality rather than the reflect version, and I guarantee you’ll thank yourself for making the right choice.


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