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Awesome Kits – Female Hunter – Monster Hunter

Produced by: RyunRyunTei  (Cercle) Sculpted by: ??? Classification: MoeHan07 Release date:  2013/07 After seeing this, I can understand completely the idea of "MoeHan"  from MH.... Don't know much about this kit, but it's pretty decent and extraordinary, so I'll show it anyway. It's a limited GK on Wonder Festival this summer, just look at these pictures! Source: Ruru-Berryz (check…
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Azul equipment Gunner Ver. with Heart Shot Bow – Monster Hunter

アスール装備[ガンナー]withハートショットボウ[モンスターハンターフロンティア] Sculpted by: Zash Release date: 2008/08 The armor of gunner seems always sexier...I was amazed by the amount of the garage kits of female hunters. They even got anime faces and beautiful equipments! :D This one is painted byMichael Neradkov Source: Studio XIII
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Ripley Alien Dog by Three Kings Resin

From Alien is a well known topic these years since the movie talking about the endless war between Aliens and Predators has coming out again and again, thus the fans of Alien come increasing fast and also the toy figures do. And today we’re going to show you not a normal Alien but an…
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Resin Kit Predator

Predator(which is actually called Yautja), is a fictional character known for its skill of hunting, invisibility and those hi-tech gadgets. I think it’s one of the most fearsome fictional monsters. It’s totally fine if you know nothing about Predator, cause now I’m going to introduce this creature and show you some resin kits! Source: avforums…
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