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Awesome Kits – Blade and Soul NPCs

  Sculpted and Painted by: Kerberos (A professional group which makes props and costumes for games/animations.) These are not the resin kit you see normally, I think they are props you can actually wear them. These are the costumes of Mushin and Jin Seo Yeon, both are the NPCs from “Blade and Soul”, a Korean…
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Awesome Kits – 1/6 Iron Man Mark IV

  Sculpted by: Ryoichi Ito(伊藤霊一), Yosuke Takayama(高山陽介) Release Date: 2010(not sure) This kit was pretty cool in a different way. It's not that delicate or detailed, yet it does have much less parts than most kits, and it's Iron Man!  Therefore, it’s quite easy for beginners to assemble. (NOT easy if you’ve never used airbrush to paint.)…
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