Ripley Alien Dog by Three Kings Resin

Alien is a well known topic these years since the movie talking about the endless war between Aliens and Predators has coming out again and again, thus the fans of Alien come increasing fast and also the toy figures do. And today we’re going to show you not a normal Alien but an Alien DOG..

What? An Alien dog? What the hell is that?
Yeah I know that sometimes I’ll dreaming about getting an Alien as a pet, that is exactly what Predator do, isn’t it? Hmm……. But to call the Alien as a dog? It must be some reasons for that!

I have to say, this dog is the cutest one I’ve ever seen, especially there’re no eyes on his face……that is what an Alien should be! Frankly I think Alien is somehow a freaky and horrible creature, when I was young I had once frightened by the Aliens suddenly appeared in the movie, damn I was so scared and cried out! Since that I have no good feeling of Alien, until I grow up………

But I do like this Alien dog, it’s much more like a new breed of dogs, let’s see how he acts in the anime:

Video Source

It seems that he ate the mailman in the end……….
But it’s more interesting than what they do in the movie.

From This Is Horror

Anyway, fans of Alien such as you guys don’t miss this awesome kit!

From Three Kings Resin

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