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E2046 Stefani resin garage kit review

Another kit from the website E2046 is a recast Stefani, Stefani is a girl who has a pair of cat ears and a tail on her back, in this recast kit, she has a guitar with her and wears a Japanese style sailor suit. (more…)
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Making of Sturgeon King (Final)

Here’s a buyer’s blog which contains the process of his works including building and painting of PKking’s product “Dark fox”, if you’re considering buy one resin kit from us and try to finish it yourself, the process recorded in this blog will be good reference resources. (more…)
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Evangelion Rei Reflect Garage kit review

As the most famous and well-known female character in the animate Evangelion, Rei is a human cloning, but has her own emotion and sensibility, so you can see lots of interactions between her and the fellows in the animate, and this is a review of Evangelion Rei Reflect Garage kit which Rei is in a…
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