E2046 Stefani resin garage kit review

Another kit from the website E2046 is a recast Stefani, Stefani is a girl who has a pair of cat ears and a tail on her back, in this recast kit, she has a guitar with her and wears a Japanese style sailor suit.

Just like the last post “Evangelion Rei Reflect Garage kit review”, Stefani in this video is another recast or reflect kit from the original works. As we mentioned before, there’re lots of disadvantages to buy a recast kit, in this case, bubbles become a serious problem, you can see obvious bubbles inside the kit, and it’s hard to solve it due to the making process of the recast kits: they were made of poly and it’s very fragile if you use your tools in the wrong way or just with too much strength, it might break into pieces.

Another problem will be the tightness between the kits, sometimes there’s a room between them, and sometimes it’s hard to fit the kits. So it cost you more time and even money to fix the problems which the original ones never have.

Back to the Stefani herself, anyway it’s still a good figure. At least the Japanese style sailor suit was (maybe?) reflected perfectly, and the guitar is still “functional” there…… only if the details on it could be more refined and realistic…………

By the way, the key point of all the female resin kits should be their faces…….right? Okay I know what you guys are thinking about, maybe her body is another point of all, but in my opinion, face is always the key maker that decides is the kit good or bad, so it’s important for me to notice the details on the face, especially there can’t be any bubbles on it….. But in this video there’s no close view of the face kit, what a pity >.< ------------------------------------- Video Source

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