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Evangelion Rei Reflect Garage kit review

As the most famous and well-known female character in the animate Evangelion, Rei is a human cloning, but has her own emotion and sensibility, so you can see lots of interactions between her and the fellows in the animate, and this is a review of Evangelion Rei Reflect Garage kit which Rei is in a…
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Skin Tone and Shading Tutorial for Resin Kits / GK’s

All of us for once being in the search for the perfect skin tone always admiring those whose work make our jaws drop in wonder how the did they do it and wishing we know how to do it For you, today is your lucky day. As I have put together the 4 most used…
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interpretation of applying for the refund

All works were made by PKking himself and in a limited quantity, and the least quantity for production will be 10 orders. We provide a 10% discount for the pre-order premium; meanwhile, we insure that you have the right to cancel your order and get the refund ONLY before the production begins. Regulations for applying…
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About Prices, Freights, Fees, and Taxes.

All prices marked on the pages of include the price of the resin kit itself, the freight and the fee for Paypal. 1.Freight:All products are shipped by airmail from Taiwan. To make it simple, no matter in which region you are, the freight will be charged uniformly in the case of shipping to the…
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