1/8 Ayanami Rei Race Queen ver. (E2046 recast)

Another Rei in a race queen version, and the race queen style should be a general topic in all animates with sexy heroines, in Evangelion, Rei and Asuka Langley are the representative characters.

Unfortunately, this is still a recast version from the original one, as the subtitle mentioned in the video, there’re parting lines on the bottoms of the high heels, and you can see obvious excess resins on the body pieces. I think it’s very troublesome because puttying and sanding process will take lots of time and works, in the end you have to shape the kits to their original image.

The only accessory in this version is the umbrella, and it’s a necessary accessory for the race queen. But there’s a tragedy with it, it’s a bending……… and actually I have no idea how he gonna fix it? Cut it into pieces and rebuild them by piling or just drill a lonnnnng hole and hope it can go as “bending” as the umbrella is?
Anyway I don’t want my umbrella bending like that…… perhaps that’s not a problem in the original version.

By the way, it’s a pity that they didn’t make an “Opened-umbrella race queen Rei”, that will be much better than this close one cause I like the style! A sexy race queen is always posturing with an Opened-umbrella, isn’t it???(ok I know it’s just my mania…....)

Another interesting thing is the illustration in the end of the video, did you see the Evangelion holding an umbrella made of…….. AT field?! Yes you’re right that’s an “AT field umbrella”! how I even wish they make a exclusive version of that……… it’s really COOL!

It reminds me of this product:
A real AT field umbrella used in rainy days or…….. to resist the Apostles?!
Anyway it’s useful and also joyfull~


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