For many people who are a fan of Miniatures, the characters such as elves, orcs, dwarfs and human knights are always the best choice to collect.

From Cool Mini or Not

Miniatures are in a small scale and a refined kit, wherever you see a Miniature, you’ll always be surprised at its small but detailed parts and wondering how difficult it would be to build and paint on them until the day it’s completed.
Actually it’s not that worse to build one Miniature, and thanks to its tiny scale and a relatively cheap price, you can collect a bunch of them without being stuck in your room which is full of resin kits and PVC.
ZWEOTHEL, QUEEN OF DARKNESS is a new Miniature and also a sexy nut, take a look on the photos.

From The Modelling News

And some have uploaded the queen they’re building:

From Planet Figure

You can see the details on a 54mm tiny Miniatures kit, it’s even more exquisite than some bigger scale resin kits.
And after painting it looks gorgeous as the QUEEN OF DARKNESS.

From Forum Koszalinskiego

To join the Miniatures world, ZWEOTHEL, QUEEN OF DARKNESS might be a good choice for you!

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