Making of Cammy – resin kit build & paint

Hey, have you ever wondered what else I do for fun? Probably not, but here I go. I'm gonna show you a little project I was working on recently for fun.

So building a resin kit of Cammy. Here I am removing the extra mold casting plastic that's on there with a needle nose plier. Now I'm scraping off the extra seam, edges and all that with a knife. Or sandpapaer this to get rid of all the extra stuff and smooth it out.

Then I change to apply with a sandpaper, polish it up. Here it is all the clean pieces. Attaching the head to the body and all the other parts. I inserted a metal rod, I had a drillbit of the same diameter. You see I'm doing to the neck area. And what this does, it's really makes it, so when you put the two pieces together, it's going to be really solid.

There it is. Semi-assembled. Airbrush pass for flesh, a few coats of red, then layering process starts with each color. Going in and brush strokes first. And going in fine detailing. And then almost done. Decide it's enough to put the camo on her legs. 'Cause I like the way it looked. I change my mind. I think the camo is go-on and there it is. Thank you for watching.


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