Kits Released in 2013

2013 has past for more than a half year, in this year many kits was released to the world, some of them are famous and welcome, some are not that much but has their own fans. So what are the 2013 kits? Let’s see some of them:

Styrene Kits:

Mach 5 Full Version 1:24

All 3 Deloreans (BTTF)

Darth Vader's TIE Fighter 1/72


Garage Kits:

Megaprimatus Kong vs T-Rex


Granox Lava Monster

Batman TV figures

Dragon diorama


Predator – Tromblon Hunter


King Kong Escapes

Goblin Orc

And the last one shall be the best one:

Yan Wu!!!

Kits of 2013 from Bucwheat

What a great year for the resin/garage kit lover!
Make your best choice, buy them and accomplish them!

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