King Kong vs. T-Rex, Who’s the winner?

From Fine art America
As the most famous and welcome monster ancestor, the legend of King Kong lasts for decades and even got enhanced and glorified after the movie King Kong (2005) released. More and more toys and figures were made by toys manufacturing companies or personal studios and some of them in a high level quality.

From Andy Serkis

There was a scene about the combat between King Kong and the T-Rexes caused by the heroine who was the big game of the T-Rexes in the jungle, King Kong was trying to save her from those fierce hunters and fought against three giant T-Rexes!
Let’s see the splendid part of the movie:

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There’re lots of versions of King Kong vs. T-Rex kits, here’re some reviews ot them:

From Weta Collectors


From Etsy

And here’s a fan-made version, it’s really exquisite! Look at the hairs on King Kong, the wrinkles on T-Rex and the details on the rocks and plants.

From Kong Is King

By the way, T-Rex also has lots of fans, and they trust that King Kong will be definitely defeated even they play "one on one". So what’s your comment?
T-rex would kill king kong

From BongzBerry on deviantart
Maybe one day they can compete only on the race, for peace.

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