How To Paint Model Figure Faces the Easy Way

Hi, I'm QDC. What we are going to do today is that I'm going to show you how to paint a model figure face the easy way. Now, hmm, for, well…….

The best way for one, for anyone to actually paint a model face for any figure, at least in my personal opinion, is to use the traditional way of painting model figure faces. Now paint model figure face, on a one to 3 scale figure about, the face is about that size, that small. And it's very hard to do. And you're gonna have to paint it by painting each shadow, each highlight, of the contour of the face in order for it to make really nice and real. And that takes lot of time and effort. Now for some of you, you'll not be interested in actually painting a model figure face that looks that good. All you probably to do is making an average face to look good, to complement your model or a diorama. But you're really not that interested in painting the model face on the figure to look very, very realistic. So this video maybe for you.

In this video, you're going to see a very few steps to make your model figure face look decent. Not the best, but look decent. Now for me to paint a model figure face, the traditional way hmm, is very, very hard for me to do, hmm through the viewfinder of a camera. Because it's very hard for me to actually paint a very, very small face through the viewfinder of a camera which you are watching through right now.

But because these steps are so easy to do, I'm able to actually do that, to actually see exactly see how I do painting these model figures the easy way. So without further ado, let's go ahead start painting a model figure face.

The first step is to paint the entire face with the flesh tone.

Before we go onto the next step, I wanna give you a small demonstration about drybrushing. Hmm, here you see a lighter color of this color here on this model car. And drybrushing is basically taking the paint, then removing most of it out. And then very lightly brush it onto the model to give highlights.

Step 2 is to highlight everything by drybrushing the face with a lighter color.

Step 3 is to use a very fine brush and paint eyebrows with a dark color.

Step 4, which is the final step is to give a paint wash of the entire face with a light brown. And I'm going to use artist's oil paint and I'm diluting that with wood middle spirits. And I'm going to apply that over the entire model.

OK, so this is the completed painting of the face. I use tissue paper to absorb the excess wash and let it dry. And the result look pretty decent. It's not the best way to paint figure, hmm, faces on figures. But if you are not too concerned having the best looking figures around, this method is probably a good way for you to paint faces on figures. And so, that, that's it. And thanks for watching.

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