How to build a new resin kit?

The very first lesson for all the new comers is how to buy one, and the second should be how to build one on your own.
There’re plentiful tutorials for the new comers to watch and learn, but for you, we’d like to systematize these skills and methods and show you in a more clear way:

The Beginning:
Picking a kit
Basic Tools

Surface Preparation:
Removing Flash
Removing seam lines
Taking your kit for a bath
Test Fitting
Filling Pinholes
Final Assembly

Choosing Paint
Light & Shadow: Why? How?
Hand brushing
Oil Painting
Painting Anime Eyes
Example: Painting Misato's Face

How to fix
Over coating

Bells and Whistles:

Congratulations you did a great job!!!
From Cody Scoop

For those who like to see a tutorial video to learn the skills of building and painting, I would recommend these series:

From Leona’s Workshop
And this will be a good beginning for you guys.

What about building Gundam resin/garage kits?
Is there any special way or technique for these robot kits?
Maybe here’s the cure for your need:
From Major Williams
Which including:
1. Consumables for the kit.
2. Standard tools.
3. Optional tools that valuable.
4. Step by step introducing.

So, please enjoy these info and leave your comments or discussion.
Thank you.

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