Elf Dragon Prince in Miniature

What should an Elf prince look like? Handsome? Clever? Mature? Or tricky?
Many of us know the legend of the wizards, the elves, the orcs and the human beings for a long time, but we got a clear image of how they look like from the movie "The Lord of the Rings", and the Elf prince in the movie named Legolas became the one who stands for the whole Elf race to figjt against Sauron.

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But not all the Elf princes are to be like that handsome, some of them should be strong, some should be clever, and in sometimes, should be tricky to survive.
Today I'm going to introduce the Elf prince come from Miniature, who's a strong warrior against the orcs.

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Elf dragon prince in miniature looks much stronger as a real warrior, yeah he's not that handsome, but the most important thing should be his muscle and the weapon he used to protect his country. There're more armors and details on his body, and also a dragon pet as his partner on his side. What's more, the patterns on the base are beautiful, and the sticks on it are living.

And the Elf dragon prince is packaged in a fine metal box with elegant picture painted on it, which worth your collection as well as the prince himself.

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Here's a review of the unpainted one and the painted one:

It's very beautiful even unpainted......

From Sbmaniac on Deviantart

If you're interesting in how to make a miniature, there're lots of tutorials on the youtube, for example this is about the High Elf Battle Standard Bearer:

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And you can find more on the youtube if you want!

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