Beauty & Sexy – Delisle & Thandus from the canvas art of Ken Kelly

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Sculpted by Joe Laudati and originated from the canvas art of Ken Kelly, Delisle & Thandus were living and vivid in a resin kit version model figure.

The woman in this kit seems to be a native warrior and the fierce tiger with colorful stripes on the body should be her fellow, beautiful and sexy woman coming out with a tiger is always the best combination in many story topics.

For example:

Hmm.........but that's for the naive kids.

So the one we're introducing is going to wear less and less and lesssssss, as what you can see the woman wears only some golden armors, you can't even say it's clothes, maybe it's easier to move faster in the war? How about getting hurt?

Let's take a close look of the kits, the details of the skins and the armors are still very exquisite and awesome, perhaps it's because there's less clothes on her, so the sculptor can be more concentrative on the tiny things such as the wrinkles of the skin, the eyes and mouth, the hairs shape, and even the navel - the most sexy place I thought the woman is, thus the simple is the best, and the feeling of this art craft become immortal.

How about the tiger with a strange colorful stripes on the body?
I have to say, red combined with blue color is really an excellent choice for this creature.

The most beautiful thing is always the most danger one, isn't it?
Also, the beard, the teeth are living and the eyes are sparkling, which all reappear the scene in the canvas.

In the end, let's see the original unpainted Delisle & Thandus:

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