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Predator Kits –

  Sculpted by: ハマ ハ セ オ Painted and modified by: 蜥蜴(Skink) This seems like a rather older kit, so the painter did some modification other than painting. Btw, this painter also does some realistic sculptures, so check them out if you're interested! Source: Skink Haunt
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Predator Kits – Elder Predator Wall Mount Bust

  Sculpted by: Black Heart Enterprises Painted by: Joe Dunaway Photo by: Dan Richard The Elder Predator was first seen in the movie Predator 2, and had his role in many film or works afterwards. Since they were called elder, they were stronger than the normal ones, so why not hang this bust on your wall? Check…
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Ripley Alien Dog by Three Kings Resin

From Alien is a well known topic these years since the movie talking about the endless war between Aliens and Predators has coming out again and again, thus the fans of Alien come increasing fast and also the toy figures do. And today we’re going to show you not a normal Alien but an…
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Resin Kit Predator

Predator(which is actually called Yautja), is a fictional character known for its skill of hunting, invisibility and those hi-tech gadgets. I think it’s one of the most fearsome fictional monsters. It’s totally fine if you know nothing about Predator, cause now I’m going to introduce this creature and show you some resin kits! Source: avforums…
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