Beelphegor – Fire Wings

After a Miniature dragon in the middle age, let’s see some fantasy dragon that appears in legendary tales – Beelphegor - Fire Wings by Andrea Miniatures.

From Planet Figure

The Fire Wings is more similar to the dragon I like, Monster Hunter Rathalos / Liolaeus is one of my favorite design, for instance.


And for those who don’t wanna buy such an expansive white cast, there’s a Revoltech toy figure that may fit your need – have fun and display in many postures:

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Now back to the Fire Wings, they look like almost the same race of dragons, aren’t they? Which I mean, they’re both handsome and terrific creatures!

This kind of dragons always appears with magic and mythology, they were born with great powers and clever thought, and that’s why the main idea of Monster Hunter is how to hunt these skillful and strong creatures, and that is really hard……

From Wallpaperstock
What a dangerous job it is………

But sometimes it’s not that much difficult to hunt these dragons, or even to summon they to surrender and become your partner.
Did you notice the man who’s riding on the Fire Wings?
That’s Beelphegor, the man who controls this fierce creature easily.

From Planet Figure
Same as other Miniatures, Beelphegor is a tiny scale character compared to the Fire Wings, and also an exquisite kit that has plentiful details on the body, weapons, armors, and the clothes.

The unpainted white cast of the Fire Wings:

From Planet Figure

And here’s a review of the kit:

To see more about it, please visit:

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