Awesome Kits – EVA-01 Test type (Evangelion)


Sculpted by: Shinobu Matsumura (松村 忍)
Release Date: 1996

Evangelion has been a classic anime since the day it was broadcasted, and companies produced thousands of product all these years. You can find lots of them today, but not this garage kit. The only way to get this was to pre-order it at 1996, so you can imagine how rare it is. In 2002, Kaiyodo published a mass production version of the kit, the quality was OK, but several details were lost so actually it was much less delicate than the kit. Therefore, the original kit from 1996 is still a super rare item till this day. You can check out this link for more pictures and information of the kit(it’s in Chinese though), or take a look at this work.

Painted by ???


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