A Beauty Huntress – Celeste The Vampire Huntress

Vampire, the legend began in the middle age and until now it’s said that there’re still vampires living in our world, also the werewolf, who fight against the vampires and see them as vendetta for centuries.

As a popular and welcome topic of the movies, many of them are famous and even became a series, some of them originated from the novels, and others may from anime or comics.

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But today we’re not going to introduce something about the vampires, it’s something about the guys that HUNT the vampires!
As we know, vampires kill humankinds and take us as their food for living, so somehow they’re our enemy as what they are to the werewolf (But I’m not sure if the werewolf is our friend or enemy?), therefore, stories about the vampire hunter appeared to show how they punched the vampire’s ass.

From Wretch

(My favorite movie about the vampire – Vampire Hunter Lincoln)

So why is the vampire hunter always a man? Why there’s no woman willing to be a vampire hunter? It’s too dangerous? No, it’s because she’ll be too hot to hunt the vampires! It’s Celeste The Vampire Huntress!

This must be the most sexy vampire huntress in the world! I’m not sure why she dresses like a Japanese high school girl but anyway, her beauty will be the most powerful weapon to hunt (Her bum is awesome……) as you can see what weapon she takes on hands – only two silver nails?

How about the unpainted kits and the quality of it? Check it out!

From Gabriel Garcia Studios

Excellent works, isn’t it?
Get one to hunt the vampires in your room now!

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