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1/8 Ganosu S Equipment Female Ver. – Monster Hunter 2nd

1/8スケール モンスターハンター2nd《ガノスS装備の女の子》 Sculpted by: 翔馬 Release Date: 2011 Wonder Festival Winter Painted by: KitKit Illustrator: KENZY様   This is the gunner version of this equipment. I believe you need no explanation of why these kits are all female... Source: ガンプラ・プラモデル・ガレージキット《KitKit 制作代行》 Blog Here's another paint job by わきメカのまつ, enjoy!
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FuruFuru garage kit – Monster Hunter

フルフル Sculpted by: Wadakichi 和田吉(not sure) Release date: maybe 2009 summer Painted by: Wadakichi 和田吉(not sure) I'm so sorry that I can't find much information about this kit, but it's Furufuru after all, the cute(sort of) and important monster in the game, so... why not? Source: 和田吉屋
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1/20 Narugakuruga – Monster Hunter

疾風の迅竜  ナルガクルガ Sculpted by: 幻人氏 Release date: 2011 winter(not sure) Scale: About 1/20 If you don't know which monster is this, just watch the video![video file="" width="320" height="240"] Painted by ぎょぴ丸 modeling work studio Source:, ぎょぴ丸 modeling work studio  
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Awesome figure – Akamutorumu – Monster Hunter

霸竜 アカムトルム Sculpted by: 力戦車氏 Release Date: 2010 アカムトルム(Akamutorumu), a dragon that reside in the deepest of the volcano district, is known for its solid shells and bad temper. (So yes, it's a strong monster...sorry I don't know much because this game is toooo hard to me) Painted by キューズQ Source: ぎょぴ丸Modeling Working Studio
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