Resin Kit – Monster-Barretta

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  • Sculptor:PKking
  • Series:The Balance of Nine Skies
  • Scale:1 / 20
  • Materials:Grey cast resin/clear cast resin (resistant to yellowing)/metal parts
  • Parts:48
  • Kit Dimensions:28cm in height

Please note that this is an unbuilt resin kit. Assembly and painting will be required. If you would like to purchase the pre-painted version please contact us for more information.

In the world of the NINE SKIES, MONSTER BARRETTA came from Plutonian River and has the almighty power to fight against gods in the celestial sphere, he’s huge as a mountain and fast as the thunder, frightened gods with six strong arms and five theurgic weapons hold in hands.

In the ancient time, once the leader of YEAN and his army tried to defeat MONSTER BARRETTA, but they failed and were wiped out in a flash. After decades, the leader of YEAN came to life with the Kirin and seal MONSTER BARRETTA back in Plutonian River.

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A huge scale model among the works of PKKING(almost the same with Kirin), the best part of this big toy is the weapons he hold in hands are really awesome! If you are a crazy fan of the middle-aged weapons, you must have Monster Barretta!

Buy Resin Kit – Monster-Barretta

Details on his armor are CRAZY! And the horns on his head are saying “Die here or run away!” That’s why I can’t help staring at this masterpiece, he’s just too good to be true……

Buy Resin Kit – Monster-Barretta

The size ratio of Monster Barretta and the warrior against him, you can realize how big Monster Barretta is, and also how exquisite the kits are.

Buy Resin Kit – Monster-Barretta

Back view of Monster Barretta, wings, weapons, armors and the tail(still with a weapon on it) show his strength and power.

Buy Resin Kit – Monster-Barretta

A close view of the armors on his legs, gradation of the scales is excellent, and it must be a hard task to paint like that!