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Predator Kits – The Big Hunt

  Sculpted by: ??? Size: 14" Painted by: ??? I don't think this kit was based on movies, but it's a cool concept anyway. It's a Predator fighting T-rex! You know the Predator was connected to the kit by the log if you watch closely, but look the kit as a whole, the Predator looked…
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Predator Kits – 2 Guns Cleaner

  Sculpted by: Narin Painted by: probably Narin A Predator kit sculpted by Narin, the wolf predator from AvPR! And western style made this kit more special. Watch the video review from![video file="" width="320" height="240"] Source:
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Predator Kits – AVP Diorama

  This great kit was also painted by Joe Dunaway, a diorama from AVP. The sculpture itself looks great, so please tell us if you know anything about it! Picture Source
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