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Predator Kits – Bug Hunt

  Sculpted by: ??? This kit is painted by the professional Joe Dunaway. Actually he has painted lots of other stuff, you can find his excellent works at his portfolio. Source: Modelzone
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Predator Kits – Female Predator (unfinished)

  I wish I can tell you more about these kits.. Check out these female predators! They might be warriors which as strong as the male ones, you don't want to mess with them. :P Source: you know the original source, please let us know)
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Predator Kits –

  Sculpted by: ハマ ハ セ オ Painted and modified by: 蜥蜴(Skink) This seems like a rather older kit, so the painter did some modification other than painting. Btw, this painter also does some realistic sculptures, so check them out if you're interested! Source: Skink Haunt
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