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FuruFuru garage kit – Monster Hunter

フルフル Sculpted by: Wadakichi 和田吉(not sure) Release date: maybe 2009 summer Painted by: Wadakichi 和田吉(not sure) I'm so sorry that I can't find much information about this kit, but it's Furufuru after all, the cute(sort of) and important monster in the game, so... why not? Source: 和田吉屋
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1/20 Narugakuruga – Monster Hunter

疾風の迅竜  ナルガクルガ Sculpted by: 幻人氏 Release date: 2011 winter(not sure) Scale: About 1/20 If you don't know which monster is this, just watch the video![video file="" width="320" height="240"] Painted by ぎょぴ丸 modeling work studio Source:, ぎょぴ丸 modeling work studio  
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Awesome figure – Akamutorumu – Monster Hunter

霸竜 アカムトルム Sculpted by: 力戦車氏 Release Date: 2010 アカムトルム(Akamutorumu), a dragon that reside in the deepest of the volcano district, is known for its solid shells and bad temper. (So yes, it's a strong monster...sorry I don't know much because this game is toooo hard to me) Painted by キューズQ Source: ぎょぴ丸Modeling Working Studio
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Monster Hunter Head Collection – Rioreia supspecies

”モンスターハンターヘッドコレクション” リオレイア亜種/稀少種 Sculpted by: 力戦車氏 Release Date: 2008/11 This collection looks pretty special, isn't it? It has been published for years, you can find several kinds of them. (Their style may look distinctive due to that they were made by different sculptors) Painted by キューズQ       Source:  ぎょぴ丸Modeling Working Studio  
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