Resin Kit – Nu-Wa

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  • Sculptor:PKking
  • Series:The Balance of Nine Skies
  • Scale:1 / 7
  • Materials:Grey cast resin/clear cast resin (resistant to yellowing)/metal parts
  • Parts:72
  • Kit Dimensions:21×46 cm

Please note that this is an unbuilt resin kit. Assembly and painting will be required. If you would like to purchase the pre-painted version please contact us for more information.

In ancient China, it was told that there were only gods in the world, NU WA is a goddess with a human body and a snake tail. She used the soil in the Huanghe River to make dolls in human shape and give life to them, teaching knowledge and necessary skills for surviving, and that’s why Chinese believe they all are descendants of NU WA.

When the balance of the NINE SKIES was broken, and wars envelop the world, NU WA came down to the world of mortals to help her descendants fight against the enemy and rebalance the world.

Buy Resin Kit – Nu-Wa

A revise version of the traditional style cheongsam, makes the girls more gorgeous and sexy. With gold patterns on the clothing, real esteemed greatness of NU WA.

Buy Resin Kit – Nu-Wa

Patterns on the face of NU WA and wings of the girls are conspicuous, where as the jewelries on NU WA’s neck are also fantastic!

Buy Resin Kit – Nu-Wa

A close view of the girls in this kit. See those charming creatures on their shoulders?
They’re interesting attachments to the NU WA kit, in fact you can see these little mascots in some other PKKING’s works.

Buy Resin Kit – Nu-Wa

A huge scale kit of NU WA’s head, and there’re plentiful details on it, earrings, eyewinkers, and the headdress are the points when building up the kit.