Resin Kit – Dark-Fox

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  • Sculptor:PKking
  • Series:The Balance of Nine Skies
  • Scale:1 / 7
  • Materials:Grey cast resin/metal parts
  • Parts:27
  • Kit Dimensions:22CM in height

Please note that this is an unbuilt resin kit. Assembly and painting will be required. If you would like to purchase the pre-painted version please contact us for more information.

After making a deal with Dark Fox, Yan Ji obtained the ability of Dark Fire, and she ruled YEAN with NEI Long after they became imperial kinsman and kinswomen.
No one can survive from the hunting of Dark Fox, the spirits of human beings are his delicious dishes, and YEAN was gradually close to extinction due to their dominion.

Buy Resin Kit – Dark-Fox

A big scale claw shaped kit included, extend as long as possible to increase daring and resolution of Dark Fox.

Buy Resin Kit – Dark-Fox

The headdress is quite different from other pixies, it’s more like a Queen’s headdress, isn’t it?And the facial expression is much haughtier than others, that’s the evidence of the authority she has.

Buy Resin Kit – Dark-Fox

In the front you can feel more of her arrogance and elegant. All details including the dressing and decorations on her shows her paramountcy.

Buy Resin Kit – Dark-Fox

Dark Fox comes out, with a line of sharp teeth and two horrible horns, he can frighten anyone standing in front.