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  • Resin Kit – White...

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    White tiger in the west, ruler of the wind, is the only sacred beast that holds the qual position with Azure dragon.
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  • Resin Kit – Sturgeon-King

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    STURGEON-KING is the goblin living in the water, and she worked together with XIAOSHAN to save the citizens in the Waterland from the water-dragon’s slaughter. In the world view of The Balance Of Nine Skies, there are good and bad goblins, some of them endanger the world, others make deals with human beings to help them survive from wars and strike the balance for the Nine Skies. STURGEON-KING was the good one willing to help XIAOSHAN, as her friend she made a deal with XIAOSHAN to save the Waterland.
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  • Resin Kit – Kirin

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    After the war of fighting against the MONSTER BARRETTA, the army of human beings had been wiped out, and the leader – ZHAO KUANG, the emperor of YEAN who’s a demigod, strived against the MONSTER BARRETTA to let others run away back to YEAN to warn the citizens.Even though he has stronger power and better martial art than other humans, MONSTER BARRETTA still defeated ZHAO KUANG and kill him at last. The courage to challenge the MONSTER BARRETTA who had frightened gods in the past moved the citizens of YEAN and gods in the celestial sphere. After decades, when the army leaded by the MONSTER BARRETTA once again came to destroy YEAN, the spirit of ZHAO KUANG was reborn by the efforts of gods, and a Kirin was given to help him rescue the citizens of YEAN. Since the day when the whole universe exist, Kirin has appeared in the world and dominated all creatures with overwhelming theurgy, they are agents of god, with immortal life and almighty power, ruling the world for thousand years in ancient times. According to the tales, Kirin is the supervisor of nine skies, his duty is to balance them and let everything in the world function normally.
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  • Resin Kit – Dark-Fox

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    After making a deal with Dark Fox, Yan Ji obtained the ability of Dark Fire, and she ruled YEAN with NEI Long after they became imperial kinsman and kinswomen. No one can survive from the hunting of Dark Fox, the spirits of human beings are his delicious dishes, and YEAN was gradually close to extinction due to their dominion.
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  • Resin Kit – Liji-&-Xiaowei

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    LIJI & XIAOWEI came from eastern races, and XIAOWEI is a descendant of the tribe who’s good at using the broadsword, both of them were skilled in martial art, and became sworn sisters after they met each other. After death, their spirits had become goblins and live in the broadswords. When Kirin owned the broadswords, LIJI & XIAOWEI made a deal with Kirin and became his helper to fight against the MONSTER BARRETTA, and it’s a cooperation between gods and goblins.
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  • Resin Kit – Baphomet

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    According to the legend of the devils and the imagine of Death god, Baphomet was designed with two extend horns and holding a big sickle in hand,and you can know he’s extremely ferocious from his face.
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  • Resin Kit – Dark-Elf-Queen

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    A fascinating character in Lineage, this kit reveal a sexy posture of Dark Elf Queen, and clothing on her is decorated with gold lines and patterns.
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  • Resin Kit – Unicorn-&-ELF

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  • Resin Kit – Azure-Dragon

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    According to the Chinese legend, Azure Dragon is one of the Four Symbols from the Chinese constellations. It is also known as the Lord of the East Sea, also represents the season spring.
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  • Resin Kit – Azure-Dragon

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    According to the Chinese legend, Azure Dragon is one of the Four Symbols from the Chinese constellations. It is also known as the Lord of the East Sea, also represents the season spring.
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  • Resin Kit – Monster-Barretta

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    In the world of the NINE SKIES, MONSTER BARRETTA came from Plutonian River and has the almighty power to fight against gods in the celestial sphere, he’s huge as a mountain and fast as the thunder, frightened gods with six strong arms and five theurgic weapons hold in hands. In the ancient time, once the leader of YEAN and his army tried to defeat MONSTER BARRETTA, but they failed and were wiped out in a flash. After decades, the leader of YEAN came to life with the Kirin and seal MONSTER BARRETTA back in Plutonian River.
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  • Resin Kit – Nu-Wa

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    In ancient China, it was told that there were only gods in the world, NU WA is a goddess with a human body and a snake tail. She used the soil in the Huanghe River to make dolls in human shape and give life to them, teaching knowledge and necessary skills for surviving, and that’s why Chinese believe they all are descendants of NU WA. When the balance of the NINE SKIES was broken, and wars envelop the world, NU WA came down to the world of mortals to help her descendants fight against the enemy and rebalance the world.
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  • Resin Kit – Yan-Wu

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    YAN WU is a general of YEAN in ancient time, due to his glory achievements, he became god after death. YAN WU has two daughters when living, one learned how to use the YAN WANG Sword, another learned the skill of YAN’s witchcraft. YAN WU’s daughters made a deal with their father who became god after death to gain the power to save YEAN from the governance of NIE Long and Dark FOX. The abilities of YAN WU are martial art of using YAN WANG Sword and YAN’s witchcraft, he’s a formidable god in the world of NINE SKIES.
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  • Resin Kit – Monster-Barretta-Bust

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    Five year studio anniversary merchandise The first original studio merchandise, Made for anniversary bust Monster Barretta bust kit x1 Instruction manual x1 Coloured illustration x1 Sculptor autographed card x1
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  • Resin Kit – Unicorn-&-ELF

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